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This was made by me in conjunction with a final project at SAE Qantm called Vagabond episode 3 for the Open Night. I was trying to covey a freeze frame or a moment in time when the characters meet or interact. The only functionality in this scene is a teleport controller and really this whole scene could be treated as a virtual sculpture. Also if you you have the HTC Vive Room Scale and have the room, then instead of using the teleport, have a go at walking around the scene in VR.

VR implementation help by Gareth Lockett

Requires HTC Vive Room Scale to work.

VAGABOND EP.3 By James Ball: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/LllO0

Install instructions

When you Download the VR Demo and are ready to Play do as Follows.

First set up your HTC Vive room scale. When that is set up and simply Double Click on the .exe in the downloaded Zip folder with the Name Vagabond VR_With Teleport_001 and enjoy the experience.


Vagabond VR - By Ballzy247.zip 69 MB

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